Why Keep Homes?

Reliable, experienced & professional

We believe in great customer service and treating others as we like to be treated ourselves. Every step of the way, we’re there by your side as your friendly guide. You’ll have your very own consultant who will walk you through the process and assist you at every stage.

We want to make your house your home.

Our Homes

We do things differently to other affordable housing providers, and we are most proud of our unique Keep Homes! These homes:

  • Cost you less each month than comparable traditional shared ownership homes
  • Remove the feeling of having a landlord by not having to pay any rent, ever - we're more like a silent partner!
  • Ensure that you only pay for what you own. Why should you pay 100% of the costs when you don't yet own 100% of the property?
  • Allow you to 'staircase' with ease (no need for costly valuations!) so that you can quickly own 100% of your home.

"We do things differently to other affordable housing providers"

Our Approach

We strive to be fair and equitable, always.

We actively encourage full ownership of our homes over time.

We keep things simple so there will never be any hidden costs or charges to you.

Our Values/Philosophy

All of our homes are open market quality, and we will never knowingly be beaten on price.

We are constantly improving our mechanisms for affordability and passing on those savings to you.

Customer service is at the forefront of our purpose, and we pride ourselves on our response times.