About Us

Keep Homes is your solution to a truly affordable home

Keep Homes is a residential property company that provides affordable homes to eligible low and middle income earners to help get them onto the property ladder.

The lack of affordable housing is one of the biggest threats to the UK’s future and Keep Homes was launched in 2022 to provide a solution to this problem. By working with developers and Local Authorities, we provide homes to rent or buy at an affordable cost.

We have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the affordable housing market and can help you buy - or rent - your affordable home and get you onto the property ladder.

Our vision is to revolutionise the housing industry by breaking the mismatch of house price inflation and wage growth by offering more radical, ethical solutions that will provide a better future for all.

We deliver affordable housing in an ethical way that is actually affordable!

"The number one UK housing issue remains the difficulty of getting on the property ladder in the first place"

The Homeowner Survey

We want people to Keep Homes.

We are constantly bringing forward new and inspiring properties so take a look at what’s coming up and register today to see if you are eligible to buy or rent one of our homes. Let’s get you on the property ladder!

We understand that the cost of getting onto the property ladder remains far too high for a growing number of people. It’s not just that prices are high, but that average earnings have not kept up with house prices. 

With ever changing interest rates and the cost of living, life is still tough for aspiring owners with the main problem being the capital required to fund the deposit, stamp duty and other home buying costs, without the help from “the bank of mum and dad”.

There is also the barrier of income multiples when getting mortgages. In many areas, even with a sufficient deposit, potential owners cannot raise the required mortgage for their home purchase.

To be eligible for our homes you will have to meet certain criteria

Key criteria include: -

  • Your total household income must be less than £90,000 if in London, or less than £80,000 outside of London.
  • You must be unable to afford to buy a suitable property on the open market.
  • You must not already own another home.
  • For some developments, there may be additional criteria such as priority given to those who currently live or work in the local area.

Our initial focus is in London and South East England, as this is where there are significant requirements for affordable housing.

Our longer-term aspiration is to expand the brand and marketplace to locations across the UK where we know there is robust demand for affordable housing so keep checking back to see if we have new opportunities in an area that interests you.